Just as a disclaimer, no I don’t do drugs.

I became interested in Prop 64 because it’s a supposed F-you to the pharmaceutical industry, which I’m all about. For those of you unaware, they are trying to dumb down the masses with drugs so no one will know–or even care–that they (the elite) are also poisoning and pillaging us in a population control effort. So they try to make all the over-the-counter drugs more affordable, so people have more access to abuse them.

But wait! What will happen if marijuana is legalized? Like, isn’t that just another way of drugging the masses and extolling the pleasure principle to the n-th degree? For those of you haven’t read Amusing  Ourselves To Death, by Neil Postman, the dude was dead on with his predictions of where our society is progressing. He predicted we would gravitate toward a Brave New World kind of system, where the elite would pacify the masses by giving them all the commodities they could want, and overload them with information so that they would not pay attention to the corruption that was going on behind the scenes. Personally, I think we’re in a combination of Brave New World and Orwellian dystopia (does Big Brother sound familiar?).

Now let’s take a look at Prop 64. It will legalize marijuana throughout California for those 21 and up because, well, it’s mostly legal anyway. However, there are a few things I find concerning. Unlike other states that have legalized marijuana, the tax revenue will not be going to fund hospitals, schools and infrastructure…where it goes will be determined by Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and his appointees. Don’t you think it’s a little dangerous to leave that kind of discretion to politicians? I mean, we can all guess just how trustworthy they are.

Another thing is that legislature will be able to alter the bill without the vote of the people–which makes it “power to the legislature” rather than to the people. There are other issues I’d like to discuss, but the article “8 reasons Californians should vote no on Prop. 64” sums them up really nicely.

So back to the whole idea of screwing the pharmaceutical  industry. Are we really doing that, or are they still managing to control us, but from behind the scenes? You decide. Be sure to vote on Nov. 8!


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