The Day I Met Jesus

I didn't want to share this publicly because it was a deeply personal and intimate experience, but I have felt God pressuring me in various ways and I'm convinced I can't postpone any longer. I'd love to give the whole backstory of how I was drawn back to the Christian faith that I was raised…


A broken sonnet for a broken democracy

A little poem I wrote featuring U.S. politics:   Promises Painted on Eggshells Soft piles of shit shift across cliffs of sand How rustling papers do silence the storm. As money goes from hand into hands, Palms take bills poisoned in secrecy, Funding gold-plated pillows over boss’s bed. Here: governments based on publicity The celebrity parties move the…

Sex Trafficking in San Diego

In May 2016 I was in a digital reporting and multimedia journalism class at San Diego State. One of the main projects I worked on was covering sex trafficking in San Diego. Here is the link: San Diegans For Sale: The DA Seeks to Highlight the 'Ugly Truth' About Sex Trafficking