Allow Me to Introduce The Muses

Ever since sharing my experience of meeting Jesus, I’ve been asking God, “What next?” Every time, I would receive a little reminder of my poetry project on sex trafficking survivors. Again, I was reluctant to share this because I had big plans about turning the series into a book once I’ve interviewed more women. However, … Continue reading Allow Me to Introduce The Muses



“We see a lot of young women who’ve been through the foster care system, been involved with child protective services, who’ve been runaways, who may have been homeless. Those are some of the very vulnerable populations, but really, it can happen to anybody.” Susan was sex trafficked as a minor by a boyfriend she loved, … Continue reading Susan


“I think people forget that adults can be victims as well. A lot of states don’t recognize if you’re 18 and above that you’re a victim of trafficking. You’re just a prostitute. I could be 17 today and be a victim of trafficking, and tomorrow I’m 18 and still in the same situation.” A sex … Continue reading Jamie


Marjorie was sex trafficked for seven years until she finally left her most abusive trafficker after seeing how the relationship was affecting their baby girl. She is now working on her higher education and is the founder of The Well Path, a recovery organization for those who have been sexually exploited. I wrote these poems … Continue reading Marjorie